Volume 14

Vol. 14 No. 1 – Fall 2014


Why is Obamacare Constitutional While DOMA was Not? How Libertarian is the Constitution?
John R. Dorocak

A Strange Kind of Identity Theft: How Competing Definitions of “Indian” May Deny Individual Identity
Suzianne D. Painter-Thorne

Achieving the American Bar Association’s Pedagogy Mandate: Empowerment in the Midst of a “Perfect Storm”
Cara Cunningham Warren

What Does the Right to Life Really Entail? A Framework for Depolarizing the Abortion Debate
Rosalind S. Simson

Notes & Comments

Stories Around the Digital Campfire: Fan Fiction and Copyright Law in the Age of the Internet
Jane M. Becker

Privacy Law in the Digital Age: Establishing Privacy Rights in Search Engine Logs
Kurt Young, Jr.

Vol. 14 No. 2 – Spring 2015


Abraham Lincoln and the Duty of Zealous Representation: The Matson Slave Case
Roger D. Billings, Jr.

Chasing the Unicorn: Anti-Subordination and the ADAAA
Kevin Barry

Notes & Comments

Hailing Progress: Regulatory Difficulties in Promulgating Hybrid Taxi Laws
Drew Sander

Is the Application of a Materiality Standard Misleading?
Carl Schoenherr

States Serving Those Who Served: Connecticut General Statutes Section 54-56e
Erin L. O’Dea