Digital Sourcing Resources

Hey CPILJers.

Sorry if the sources below are annoying or redundant. I was trying to gather as many useful resources as possible in order to make the digital sourcing method easier. The people who make online tutorials for editing PDFs and other similar tasks may in fact not be the coolest, so bare with me (us). Let me know if any other resources not provided would be helpful. I’ll keep adding resources that I find, so check back from time to time.


Merging PDFs

Combining PDFs With Adobe Acrobat 8 (Windows):

Combining PDFs With Apple Preview (Mac):

Editing Pages in a PDF

Editing PDFs With Adobe Acrobat 8 (Windows):
Editing PDFs in Adobe Acrobat 8

Editing PDF Pages With Preview (Mac):

Saving Websites

Here’s how to do it from Chrome (on a Mac or PC):

If you do not wish to use Chrome on your PC, you can download a PDF printer below:


Finding Law Review Articles:
This is taken from Ohio University. (To get there through our website, go here to start.) This video gives a general overview of the search feature for Law Review Articles, but you can typically jump right to your Journal based on the citation provided in the Footnote. If you’ve never used HeinOnline, give the entire video a quick view.